a. Player/s shall refer to an individual and/or individuals within a team that has made a successful payment for the Raja Futsal tournament or the Women’s Tournament.
b. Team Captain shall refer to the individual that was assigned the ‘Team Captain” role within the registration sheet.
c. Tournament shall refer to all tournaments held under the event of Raja Futsal which include the regional tournaments as well as the Grand Final.



a. All players must be between the ages of 18-35 years old. (Born between the year 2001 and 1984).
b. Only male Malaysian citizens are allowed to participate in Raja Futsal 2019.
c. Only female Malaysian citizens are allowed to participate in the Women’s Tournament.
d. Each team must have 8 players registered and a team captain appointed; the team captain would be the first name keyed into the registration list.
e. Players who have registered or competed in the Malaysia Premier Futsal League (MPFL) are not allowed to participate in the tournament.



a. Teams are only successfully registered and are given a participation slot after the tournament fee is successfully transacted and email has been verified.
b. For each regional tournament, all registrations must be made before the registration closes 2 days prior to matchday.
c. Teams who are through to the Grand Final are only allowed to make 2 player changes only.



a. A tournament fee of RM200 is charged for each team. All such payments are not refundable unless agreed upon by Digi.
b. Digi has absolute discretion to decline payments made by players.

c. All teams that complete registrations online are entitled to an RM50 discount.



a. Accept full risk and responsibility in registering themselves and their teammates;
b. Comply with any and all notices and changes made by Digi from time to time;
c. All registered players hereby agree, allow, and give consent and have no objection to Digi extracting personal information or any other data required to be used as evidence in court and/or when necessary.
d. Any pictures, videos, interview content, etc captured by Digi, partners of Digi, and Digi affiliates of registered players are released to be used at the discretion of Digi, their partners, and Digi affiliatese.                           

e. Players shall indemnify and hold Digi harmless against all claims, proceedings, actions, demands and losses which may arise from registering for the tournament.

f. Players acknowledge that the participation in the Tournament demands significant physical effort, and if Players are not adequately in physical form, may endanger the Players’ health. Players acknowledge that it is their personal and sole responsibility to ensure that they are in adequate health condition to play within the Tournament. Players are aware of serious accidents, risk and death hazards that may be involved in taking part in the Tournament. Players acknowledge and are aware that Digi (including its representatives and officials), the organizers and sponsors will not undertake any responsibility for any harm, mishaps, accidents, which include bodily harm or death which the Players may endure that may occur prior to the Tournament, during or thereafter, nor are they responsible for any lost or damaged belongings.