Turning Up the Heat

The scorching weather was not enough to keep over many different teams from turning up to participate in the southern stage of Raja Futsal 2019. Teams from all over Malaysia travelled to Sports Prima Futsal Court, Johor Bahru for a chance to qualify and win RM100,000 in the grand finals.

Raja Futsal 2019 Southern Region Day 1 Male Category Champions: Canaan FT

Team captain of Canaan FT, Kisshaen, expressed that the team was very excited that they managed to qualify for the grand finals. Kisshaen also shared that after facing so many strong teams, they are sure to use what they have learned to prepare for the upcoming grand finals.

Raja Futsal 2019 Southern Region Day 1 Women’s Category Champions: PBFC

Team PBFC clinched their spot in the finals for the Women’s Category for the Southern Region of Raja Futsal 2019. Their team captain, Shahidah, expressed how happy and excited the team was about claiming the title of champions on their homeground. “We hope that everyone will keep their spirits and up and we hope to play against everyone again” she expressed happily.

Raja Futsal 2019 Southern Region Day 2 Male Category Champions: Ale-Ale FT

Ale-Ale FC won the title on Raja Futsal Day 2 Northern Region. Their secret to their success was not only the training they put in, but also their trust to play as a team. “Playing against many well-known teams was not easy, but we are glad that we won,” said team captain, Norikhmal.

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