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Grand Final

10th, Nov 2018


Negeri Sembilan



A huge congratulations to TOT (B) FC for winning the Selangor leg of Raja Futsal!

They beat SS - Five Johor 3 goals to 1 to clinch the victory in the Final.

TOT FC sent in three teams and TOT-ally dominated this tournament, which saw all their teams represented in the Semi-Final.

TOT (B) FC had to vanquish their brethren TOT (C) FC in a tight 1-0 battle in the Semi-Final, while SS - Five Johor overcame TOT (A) FC 4-2.

Tahniah kepada TOT (B) FC untuk memenangi saringan di Selangor untuk Raja Futsal!

Mereka menewaskan SS - Five Johor 3 gol kepada 1 untuk dinobatkan sebagai johan di pertandingan ini.

TOT FC mendaftar tiga pasukan di pertandingan ini, dan berjaya mendominasi saringan pertama di Ferro Futsal Subang, dan ketiga-tiga pasukan TOT FC berjaya ke pusingan separuh akhir.

TOT (B) FC menumpaskan rakan sepanduk TOT (C) FC 1- 0 di dalam perlawanan separuh akhir yang amat sengit, manakala SS - Five Johor berjaya menewaskan TOT (A) FC 4-2.


Juara: TOT (B) FC
Finalis: TOT (A) FC
Finalis: TOT (C) FC


Congratulations to Sri Aman FC, a team who came all the way from Tawau as the winners of Raja Futsal's Sabah leg!

After an intense day that saw them compete with 41 other teams which registered themselves in this leg of Raja Futsal, which took place in Juara Futsal Arena, Putatan, Sabah, Sri Aman FC managed to beat their fellow countrymen in Pak Belalang one goal to nil to be crowned champions.

Pak Belalang , a Sandakan-bred futsal team won 1-0 in a close battle against MYG Sabah FC (A) in a semi-final round which saw the teams that made it through played a determined, defensive brand of play. The other semi-final match saw Sri Aman FC took down Lollita FT 2- 1.

With their stellar performances, Sri Aman FC and Pak Belalang will represent Sabah in the upcoming Raja Futsal Grand Finals, and stand to win RM100,000.

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Syabas kepada Sri Aman FC yang turun daripada Tawau kerana menjuarai saringan Raja Futsal di Sabah!

Setelah bertarung dengan 41 pasukan lain yang menyertai saringan Raja Futsal kali ini di Juara Futsal Arena, Putatan, Sabah, mereka berjaya menewaskan Pak Belalang 1 gol kepada 0 untuk dinobatkan sebagai johan.

Pak Belalang , pasukan yang berasal daripada Sandakan menang tipis 1-0 MYG Sabah FC (A) di pusingan separuh akhir yang menyaksikan pasukan-pasukan yang layak menunjukkan kesungguhan dalam mempertahankan bola.

Permainan separuh akhir yang lain menyaksikan Sri Aman FC menumpaskan Lollita FT 2- 1.

Dengan ini, Sri Aman FC dan Pak Belalang akan mewakili Sabah di Grand Finals kejohanan Raja Futsal Malaysia 20 November nanti, dan berpeluang memenangi hadiah utama sebanyak RM100,000.

Kalau anda berminat, apa tunggu lagi? Jom daftar pasukan anda dan tunjukkanlah taringmu!



Negeri Sembilan

Congratulations to ZM FT, a futsal team which traveled all the way from Selangor kerana for winning Raja Futsal's leg in Negeri Sembilan!

On a bright Sunday morning in Ultimate Sporthaus, Nilai, ZM FT had to overcome intense heat, from the sun and their oppositions as a total of 90 futsal teams registered themselves in this leg. Their victory came when they overcame TJJ FC 3 goals to nil by penalties in the final match, and this was enough to see themselves through not only as champions, but also as one of the teams eligible to take part in the upcoming Grand Finals.

In the semi-finals, ZM FT rose above SS Five Johor (B) and struck the opposing net thrice without reply.

The other semi-final match saw MYG FC (A) lose 2-0 to TJJ FC.

With their excellent performance, ZM FT and TJJ FC will represent Negeri Sembilan in the Grand Finals, and stand to walk away with a grand prize of RM100,000.

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Sekalung tahniah diucapkan kepada ZM FT, pasukan daripada Selangor kerana berjaya memenangi saringan Raja Futsal di Negeri Sembilan!

Pada hari Ahad di Ultimate SportHaus, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, ZM FT terpaksa mengharungi bahang matahari yang terik dan cabaran daripada 90 pasukan futsal yang menyertai saringan Raja Futsal kali ini sebelum menundukkan TJJ FC 3 gol kepada 0 melalui sepakan penalti untuk memenangi saringan ini, dan melayakkan mereka di Grand Final nanti.

Di pusingan separuh akhir, ZM FT , pasukan yang berasal daripada Selangor menyahut cabaran SS Five Johor (B) dan berjaya membolos gawang gol mereka tiga kali tanpa balas.

Permainan separuh akhir yang lain menyaksikan MYG FC (A) tewas 2-0 kepada TJJ FC.

Dengan persembahan mereka, ZM FT dan TJJ FC akan mewakili Negeri Sembilan di Grand Finals kejohanan Raja Futsal Malaysia 20 November nanti, dan berpeluang memenangi hadiah utama sebanyak RM100,000.

Kalau anda berminat, apa tunggu lagi? Jom daftar pasukan anda dan tunjukkanlah taringmu!


Juara: ZM FT
Finalis: TJJ FC


Raja Futsal stops by Terengganu and this time around, saw an obviously local team Keropok Dungun made a valiant effort before losing 1-0 to M7 All-Star Sabah in a boiling hot affair in the final match.

37 futsal teams registered for this leg, which took place in ASC Arena Sports Centre, Kota Terengganu.

As early favourites, Keropok Dungun won the home crowd's attention with their proactive style of play, pressing opposition players and forcing them to make mistakes. This was evident in their semi-final match against MP FC, where they managed to trounce the opposing team 3 goals to nothing. With each victory, they won more and more crowd support. This, coupled with their performance throughout made this team the clear favourites to walk away from this Raja Futsal leg as champions.

Keropok Dungun's momentum was put to a screeching halt by M7 All-Star Sabah, when a spirited performance from this team ensured all but victory in their hands, and saw this Sabahan imports crowned champions in this Raja Futsal leg.

As fellow finalists however, Keropok Dungun will get another change to exact revenge against their rivals, and make Terengganu proud in the upcoming Grand Finals.

En route to the final match, M7 All-Star Sabah had to oversome KKRTWT (B) 3-2 in an unexpected thriller of a bout.

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Saringan Raja Futsal di Terengganu menyaksikan pasukan futsal tempatan, Keropok Dungun kalah tipis 1-0 kepada M7 All-Star Sabah dalam perlawanan akhir yang amat sengit.

Sebanyak 37 pasukan futsal mendaftar dan menyertai saringan ini yang bertermpat di ASC Arena Sports Centre, Kota Terengganu.

Keropok Dungun berjaya memenangi perhatian dan sorakan daripada mereka yang hadir dengan corak permainan mereka yang cantik dan proaktif. Di pusingan separuh akhir, mereka berjaya menumpaskan MP FC sebanyak tiga gol kepada kosong. Persembahan mereka, ditambah dengan sokongan dan sorakan penonton membuatkan mereka pilihan utama untuk memenangi saringan Raja Futsal ini.

Namun begitu, mereka dikalahkan M7 All-Star Sabah, dan pasukan daripada Sabah ini telah dinobatkan sebaagai juara saringan Raja Futsal di Terengganu.

Sebagai Finalis, Keropok Dungun akan mendapat satu lagi peluang untuk memenangi hati peminat-peminat futsal di Grand Finals nanti.

M7 All-Star Sabah, sebelum menjadi juara, berjaya menumpaskan KKRTWT (B) 3-2 di dalam perlawanan pusingan separuh akhir yang lain.

Kalau anda berminat, apa tunggu lagi? Jom daftar pasukan anda dan tunjukkanlah taringmu!




In an interesting development, Raja Futsal's leg in KB Futsal Arena, Kota Bharu, Kelantan witnessed an audacious victory by Jati Mas (A) as this team from Kedah managed to beat both representatives from the actual futsal arena where this tournament took place.

Before they were crowned champions of this leg, Jati Mas (A) had two defeat KB Futsal Arena (A) and KB Futsal Arena (B) in two separate 1-0 thrillers.

This particular leg saw 47 pasukan futsal representing various cities, companies and states as these teams travel to try their luck in Kelantan Darul Naim.

KB Futsal Arena (A) were the obvious early fan favourites, as they utilised their home court advantage and won over the home crowd with a very enthusiastic style of play. This carried on throughout the knockoff stages, where they dispensed of their opponents with brimming smiles and a wink in their eyes. This was put to a grinding halt, however, as they were issued a late challenge by Orbit KFK (A) di the semi-final round. KB Futsal Arena (A) eventually managed to scrape through this match by winning 1-0.

Jati Mas (A), on the other hand, had to endure a tough early knockoff round. They had to resort to adopting a more patient approach in order to neutralise the home court advantage. This gave dividends especially in the semi-final match, when they were able to score an early goal against KB Futsal Arena (B). Their prioritisation of playing the game from a strong defensive base saw them overcome their more attack-oriented opponents, drain the opposing teams' energy levels and finally win the tournament by attrition.

With this leg in Kelantan over, Jati Mas (A) and KB Futsal Arena (A) were able to book a place for themselves in the Grand Final, where they will take their chance to be crowned futsal kings of Malaysia and walk away with RM100,000.

If you are interested, what are you waiting for? Register your team and tunjukkanlah taringmu!

Saringan Raja Futsal, kali ini bertempat di KB Futsal Arena, Kota Bharu, Kelantan menyaksikan pasukan yang mewakili arena futsal sendiri, KB Futsal Arena (A) kalah tipis 1-0 kepada Jati Mas (A).

Saringan ini mendapat perhatian sebanyak 47 pasukan futsal daripada beberapa negeri, termasuk juara Jati Mas (A) yang berasal daripada Kedah.

KB Futsal Arena (A) menjadi pilihan utama peminat, penyorak dan penonton melalui corak permainan mereka yang amat gah, lebih-lebih lagi di pusingan kelayakan dan pusingan kalah mati yang awal. Kelebihan mereka sebagai tuan rumah amat menyerlah sehingga dicabar Orbit KFK (A) di pusingan separuh akhir. Permainan yang amat sengit ini berakhir 1-0, dimenangi KB Futsal Arena (A).

Namun begitu, mereka dikalahkan Jati Mas (A), mereka terpaksa akur dengan tempat sebagai finalis Raja Futsal di Kelantan. Namun begitu, KB Futsal Arena (A) akan mendapat satu lagi peluang untuk memenangi hati peminat-peminat futsal di Grand Finals nanti.

Jati Mas (A), sebelum menjadi juara, juga terpaksa mengharungi permainan separuh akhir yang sukar, di mana mereka menang tipis 1-0 kepada satu lagi pasukan tuan rumah, KB Futsal Arena (B).

Kalau anda berminat, apa tunggu lagi? Jom daftar pasukan anda dan tunjukkanlah taringmu!


Juara: JATI MAS (A)


This time around, Raja Futsal stops by the Land of the Hornbills and saw ZYZ FC (A) beat MYG to the punch, by beating them 3 goals to 2 in an epic penalty shootout, after both teams failed to break a 1-1 deadlock in the final match.

35 teams registered for this leg, which took place in Arena Sukan, Kuching, Sarawak.

ZYZ FC (A), the hometown favourite did not manage to break a lot of sweat in the early goings of this leg, which saw them move past the qualifying rounds with ease. This did not change in the Semi-Finals, when Lagendary's, another local team did not manage to muster a strong enough challenge and ended up losing the match 3-0.

Their dominance was only tested in the Final when ZYZ FC (A) had to go past MYG, another strong contender in this leg. MYG even managed to give ZYZ FC (A) a bit of a scare by scoring the first goal in the final match. However, ZYZ FC (A) finally equalised with a thunderous shot past the goalkeeper to ensure the match dragged on to a penalty shoot-out.

MYG eventually succumbed to fatigue, and ultimately were unable to sustain a challenge and lost 3-2 in the ensuing shoot-out.

As fellow finalists, MYG, managed to defeat KBU FC 4-2 in a goal fest of a semi-final match, and won the crowd over with both teams played an aggressive, take-no-prisoners style of attacking pressure.

With this leg over, ZYZ FC (A) and MYG secured their place in the Grand Final where they are in the running to win the Grand Prize of RM100,000.

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Raja Futsal kali ini singgah di Kuching, Sarawak, di mana saringan ini menyaksikan ZYZ FC (A) berjaya menundukkan MYG. 3 gol berbalas 2 melalui sepakan penalti, setelah seri 1-1 di pusingan akhir.

Sebanyak 35 pasukan mendaftar diri mereka di saringan ini, yang bertempat di Arena Sukan, Kuching, Sarawak.

ZYZ FC (A), dengan stail permainan mereka yang bertenaga dan penuh bersemangat berjaya mengalahkan pasukan-pasukan lain di pusingan kelayakan dengan amat mudah. Ini tidak berubah di pusingan separuh akhir, di mana Lagendary's, satu lagi pasukan lokal gagal membolos satu pun gol dan kalah 3-0.

Buku hanyalah bertemu ruas di pusingan akhir, apabila MYG berjaya memberi saingan kental dan mengejutkan ZYZ FC (A) dengan gol pertama di perlawanan akhir. Namun begitu, ZYZ FC (A) sempat menjaringkan gol untuk memastikan perlawanan ini bersambung dengan pusingan penalti. Kelelahan MYG akhirnya menjadi faktor penting kerana mereka akhirnya kalah 3-2.

MYG, sebagai finalis, berjaya mengalahkan KBU FC 4-2 di dalam kenduri gol pada pusingan separuh akhir.

Dengan ini, ZYZ FC (A) dan MYG mendapat tempat di Grand Final nanti, di mana mereka berpeluang memenangi hadiah utama berjumlah RM100,000.

Kalau anda berminat, apa tunggu lagi? Jom daftar pasukan anda dan tunjukkanlah taringmu!


Juara: ZYZ FC (A)
Finalis: MYG


Out latest iteration of Raja Futsal state qualifiers brings us to Penang, where MM FC proved they were able to not only take the heat, but also stay in the proverbial kitchen and scorched Adib FC in a Final not to be forgotten any time soon.

Seberang Perai’s coastal Sunday sun did not manage to deter 39 teams from entering this leg, which took place in Safira Sports Centre.

One can even theorise that the heat brought out the best in our Finalists, as both MM FC (A) and Adib FC heightened their game through constant pressing. This gung-ho mentality the teams adopted took them out of what was otherwise a tough Qualifying round with great results.

Each victory brought more swagger into MM FC (A), and this was evident in the Semi-Finals as they managed to defeat Court Fire FC 2 goals to 1; their fifth match in the tournament.

As first runner-up, Adib FC(A) had to figure out their opponents’ different flows in order to calculate and adapt to their unique opponents in each passing Round . In the Semi-Finals, Adib FC(A) even managed to outsmart Qaisara FC with two quick goals before winning 2-1.

Despite the 1-0 scoreline, the Final match had no shortage of drama as tackles flew around the court and players had to be stretchered out of the futsal field within mere minutes of the match. MM FC managed to eke out a goal at the last minute to see themselves through as state champions.

With the result, MM FC and Adib FC will be able to test their mettle against other state representatives in the Grand Final, and walk away with the grand prize of RM100,000.

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Kali ini, Raja Futsal singgah ke Pulau Pinang, di mana MM FC menjadi juara saringan ini setelah mengaut gol kemenangan daripada Adib FC di pusingan akhir.

Bahang matahari tidak dapat menundukkan semangat 39 pasukan yang menyertai saringan ini, yang bertempat di Safira Sports Centre, Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang.

Panas terik ini malah menyemarakkan lagi gah MM FC (A), yang mengharungi pusingan kelayakan yang amat sukar sebelum mengalahkan Court Fire FC 2 gol kepada 1 di pusingan separuh akhir yang tegang dan penuh dengan drama.

Naib juara, Adib FC(A) juga hanya dapat melayakkan diri mereka ke pusingan separuh akhir dengan meredah arus pusingan kelayakan yang sukar. Untuk memasuki pasukan mereka di perlawanan akhir, Adib FC(A) menepis cabaran dan corak perlawanan proaktif daripada Qaisara FC dan menang 2-1.

Di pusingan akhir, MM FC seperti yang kita tahu mengalahkan Adib FC 1-0 di dalam perlawanan yang sengit.

Dengan ini, MM FC dan Adib FC berjaya menempah slot masing-masing di Grand Final nanti, di mana mereka berpeluang memenangi hadiah utama berjumlah RM100,000.

Kalau anda berminat, apa tunggu lagi? Jom daftar pasukan anda dan tunjukkanlah taringmu!


Juara: MM FC
Finalis: ADIB FC


There is an old football adage, where “the best way to defend in a football match is to simply outscore your opponents”. These sage words became Bertam Ulu‘s preferred style of play, and it was able to see the team through as Raja Futsal’s Malacca state qualifier champions.

If Penang were scorching hot, Sports Planet Futsal in Cheng, Malacca was determined to test our mettle differently by raining throughout the qualifiers. It proved unsuccessful as 58 teams registered and took part in this particular iteration of the tournament.

The colder weather might have contributed to the teams settling in quickly into their rhythm and creating scoring chances more effectively compared to teams in other State qualifiers.

As Champions, Bertam Ulu(A) led by example and won the Final match in style by beating Shin Chan FC four goals to three in what was definitely one of the best Raja Futsal matches in recent memory. Both teams refused to relent until Bertam Ulu scored winning goal decisively in the dying seconds of the match.

This score-first, defend-later style of play was emblematic of Bertam Ulu, and this was also evident in the Semi-Finals as they chewed out Arena FM 2-1.

Fellow Finalists Shin Chan FC on the other hand, favoured a more methodical approach and intended to slow the game down in the later rounds in order to conserve their energy. Their semi-final, showed them trying to win by attrition and defeat Sri Iqra two goals to one.

The outcome of this leg of Raja Futsal sees Bertam Ulu and Shin Chan FC qualify to the Grand Final, and possibly walk away with the grand prize of RM100,000 should they manage to beat everyone else in the process.

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Pusingan kelayakan Raja Futsal peringkat negeri kali ini bertempat di Melaka, di mana Bertam Ulu berjaya menjuarai saringan ini tanpa menghiraukan bagaimana untuk mempertahankan gawang gol mereka. Sebaliknya, stail permainan pasukan ini menyaksikan mereka menjaringkan sebanyak goal yang mungkin sebelum wisel tamat permainan berbunyi.

Kejuaraan ini bertempat di Sports Planet Futsal di Cheng, Melaka. Cuaca yang kurang memuaskan tidak dapat menghalang sebanyak 58 pasukan dari pelbagai pelusuk Melaka dan negeri lain untuk meredah hujan dan manyertai saringan ini.

Cuaca yang lebih sejuk mungkin membantu pasukan-pasukan yang bertanding kali ini untuk bermain dengan lebih selesa, berbanding saringan negeri lain yang bertempat di hari yang amat panas. Ini membolehkan mereka bermain dengan taktik yang lebih pantas, dan menyerang pasukan lain dengan mudah.

Sebagai Juara, Bertam Ulu(A) berjaya membolosi gawang Shin Chan FC empat kali di dalam perlawanan akhir yang paling seronok daripada perspektif penonton dan penyorak neutral. Namun begitu, Shin Chan FC juga dapat membalas dengan tiga jaringan, dan permainan ini hanyalah dimenangi oleh Bertam Ulu di saat-saat yang paling akhir.

Corak permainan Bertam Ulu yang gila menyerang menyaksikan mereka menewaskan Arena FM 2-1 di pusingan Separuh Akhir.

Naib juara Shin Chan FC lebih mengutamakan corak permainan yang lebih seimbang, dan mengambil masa di garis pertahanan untuk menyimpan tenaga mereka untuk pusingan-pusingan selanjutnya. Di pusingan separuh akhir, pasukan ini mengalahkan Sri Iqra 2-1 dengan melambatkan tempo mereka sebaik sahaja gol telah dijaringkan.

Saringan Raja Futsal di Melaka ini melihatkan Bertam Ulu dan Shin Chan FC menempah tempat masing-masing di Pusingan Akhir nanti, dan berpeluang memenangi RM100,000 sebagai Juara keseluruhan.

Jika anda berminat, tunggu apa lagi? Sila daftar pasukan anda secepat mungkin, dan tunjukkanlah taringmu!


Juara: Bertam Ulu
Finalis: Shin Chan FC


Perlis, Malaysia’s northern-most state laid witness to the coronation of a new Raja Futsal state qualifier champion in ZM FT (B) (Perlis).Their players’ slick passes and fluid progression of movement ensured no other team were able to deny ZM FT (B) (Perlis) their rightful passage to the throne.

By winning the Perlis state qualifiers, ZM FT also became the first to send more than one team in different states to the Grand Finals. This does not mean their road to dominance was not paved with difficulties though, as Tandop Bersatu (B) and A.A. FC threatened to stop this local ZM FT team at their tracks in the Semi Final and Final repsectively.

This iteration of Perlis’ Raja Futsal state qualifier took place in D’Futsal Centre, Kangar. 45 local teams entered, all aspiring to represent Perlis in the Grand Final, and be in the running to be crowned kings.

ZM FT (B) (Perlis) took and arduous journey to place their stake in the Raja Futsal succession, however. Their cautious style of play ultimately gave them what was needed, which saw them eke their way out of the qualifying rounds.

In the semi-finals, ZM FT (B) (Perlis) managed to beat Tandop Bersatu (B) 2-1 in a nail-biting encounter. They used everything they have left in their tanks to see A.A. FC with another close match in the Final, which they won 1-0.

Prior to their Finals loss to ZM FT (B) (Perlis), A.A. FC scored one goal against KSMR Sukee (B) in the Semi-Final and shut out the opposing team’s attack in a narrow 1-0 win.

The outcome of this leg of Raja Futsal sees ZM FT (B) (Perlis) and A.A. FC qualify to the Grand Final, and possibly walk away with the grand prize of RM100,000 should they manage to beat everyone else in the process.

If you are interested, what are you waiting for? Register your team now, and tunjukkanlah taringmu!


Juara: ZM FT (B)
Finalis: AA FC


Hometown advantage is something that should never be dismissed nor underestimated as Mozai FT, Raja Futsal’s Pahang state qualifier champions ultimately proved in what was undeniably tense tournament. Despite looking shaky at times, especially in the face of more established opponents such as ZM FT (Pahang), local fans never wavered in their chants, and their support helped give their hometown favourite the second wind to see themselves through.

As with other qualifiers held in Malaysia’s East Coast, the venue, Ferro Futsal Kuantan at times threatened to use the scorching Sunday heat to beat all the participating teams into early submission. This did not deter 65 teams from all over Peninsular Malaysia to take part and stake their claim at the Grand Prize of RM100,000.

Prior to becoming Pahang state qualifier champions, Mozai FT had to earn their tag as hometown favourites by beating a few local rivals in the qualifying rounds. Their players gained more and more confidence and swagger with each passing game, and by the time they beat Bujin L FC three goals to nothing in the Semi-Finals, they were noticeably smiling their way to the final match.

ZM FT (Pahang) on the other hand, knew they had to do whatever it took to become champions. Their brand of futsal, while passionate, at times felt like the netting surrounding the futsal fields were put up to contain them instead of the occasional wayward ball. However, ZM FT (Pahang) almost came undone to Kuantan Rangers, before securing their place in the Grand Finals with a hard-earned goal, winning their match 1-0.

In the Final, Mozai FT and ZM FT (Pahang) played valiantly, and at times looked like it was about to be settled in penalties. In the dying seconds of the match Mozai FT scored the winning goal, and that was all the wrote.

This leg of Raja Futsal ends with Mozai FT and ZM FT (Pahang) advancing to the Grand Final, and stand a chance to win RM100,000 as the inaugural Raja Futsal.

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Kelebihan bermain di gelanggang sendiri, di hadapan dan sekeliling peminat dan penyorak daripada kampung halaman jangan sama sekali diperkecilkan. Biarpun bermain sebanyak lima kali dalam jangka masa yang agak singkat, dan tanpa bantuan pengurus, Mozai FT berjaya merancakkan rentak permainan mereka dengan dorongan dan sorakkan peminat dan berjaya memenangi pusingan kelayakan Raja Futsal di Pahang baru-baru ini.

Sebagai juara, Mozai FT berjaya menang tipis kepada ZM FT (Pahang) 1-0 di dalam pusingan akhir saringan Raja Futsal di Pahang Darul Makmur.

Seperti saringan di Kuala Terengganu dan Kota Bharu, cuaca Pantai Timur di Ferro Futsal, Kuantan sangat terik. Namun begitu, cuaca sebegini juga tidak berjaya menghalang 65 pasukan futsal di seluruh Semenanjung Malaysia untuk mendaftar diri mereka dan menyertai pertandingan ini.

Sebelum dinobatkan sebagai juara, Mozai FT terlebih dahulu terpaksa memenangi hati setiap penonton yang datang melihat mereka dan pasukan-pasukan lain bermain di pusingan kelayakan. Setiap permainan yang dimenangi mereka memberi lebih keyakinan, dan apabila mereka sampai ke pusingan separuh akhir, corak permainan Mozai FT begitu rancak dan ini amatlah digalakkan penyorak-penyorak yang hadir. Di pusingan separuh akhir, Mozai FT berjaya mengalahkan Bujin L FC 3-0 dengan bantuan peminat-peminat mereka.

ZM FT (Pahang) pula bermain dengan lebih gah, dan stail mereka yang penuh bertenaga membolehkan pasukan ini masuk ke pusingan separuh akhir tanpa banyak halangan. Namun begitu, lawan ZM FT (Pahang) di pusingan separuh akhir, Kuantan Rangers dapat menyekat rentak permainan sambil menunggu masa untuk mengambil peluang untuk menyerang. Namun begitu, ZM FT (Pahang) akhirnya berjaya menjaringkan satu gol untuk menang tipis 1-0, dan mara ke pusingan akhir.

Dengan keputusan ini, juara Mozai FT dan finalis ZM FT (Pahang) berjaya melayakkan diri mereka ke Grand Final, dan berpeluang memenangi RM100,000 sebagai Raja Futsal pertama di Malaysia.

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Finalis: ZM FT


Hyper Rich saw an opportunity to make it big in Perak’s Raja Futsal state qualifier, seized said opportunity, and when the dust settled they successfully walked away from Ipozo Futsal Centre one step closer to winning the Grand Prize of RM100,000.

Raja Futsal’s journey to seek and crown Malaysia’s first champions and king among futsal players continue in Perak, where 71 teams from Perak and other neighbouring states put their skills to the test, and in some instances try their luck as well.

This state qualifier began with scorching heat but ended in heavy rain over Ipoh, as if to bless Hyper Rich and Sri Iqra, the two finalists in their Final match. Thr final match was a close affair, with Hyper Rich narrowly winning 1-0 over Sri Iqra.

Hyper Rich‘s players took advantage of their size and dictated their games with unchallenged physicality. This strategy bode well in the qualifying rounds, but they also had to discover the golden touch necessary to carry themselves through the knockout stages.

In the semi-finals, Hyper Rich beat ZM FT (F) 3-1, in which they scored two quick goals in succession and spent the remaining time defending deep and patiently won the ball with their physical play before executing counter-attacking opportunities. This style of play was also successful in the Final against Sri Iqra.

Sri Iqra‘s journey to the Final was no less interesting, with them dominating the qualifying rounds. Their semi-final match against Raja Selatan was a clear crowd favourite, as this match went down to the wire in an extended round of penalties.

As finalists, Hyper Rich and Sri Iqra qualify to the Grand Final, which will take place in Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam. Should Hyper Rich refine and build upon their current style of play, they are surely going to be favourites to win the Grand Prize of RM100,000.

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Finalis: SRI IQRA FT


13th, Oct 2018
Courts( 8 ) SMC Futsal Center

Lot Pt 465 & 466 Kawasan Perindustrian Bakar Arang, Sungai Petani, Kedah, 08000


Juara: JATI MAS (B)
Finalis: ZM (F)


20th, Oct 2018
Courts( 7 ) Sports Prima

PTD 64858, Jalan Sri Purnama 4, Perindustrian Sri Purnama, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Finalis: HABIEL 66 UDFF


3rd, Nov 2018
Courts( 10 ) KSL Sports Setapak

Jalan Usahawan 3/23A, Jalan Genting Klang, 53300, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 53300


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Grand Final

10th, Nov 2018
Courts( 1 ) Stadium Panasonic Shah Alam

Persiaran Perkilangan, Seksyen 21, 40300 Shah Alam, Selangor


Watch the Raja Futsal grand finals between the best teams from every state! Join the Fiesta and celebrate victory! Who will be crowned King of Futsal? Be a part of futsal history at the Fiesta Raja Futsal!

Look out for exciting activites such as:

  • - Local brand bazaar by Propagandafest
  • - Gastronomic delights by Food Truck Malaysia
  • - Fifa PS4 Challenge to test your football gaming skills
  • - MyDigi bazaar by Digi
  • - Inflatable games to bounce around in
  • - Penalty Shootout Challenge to see how well you really kick
  • - Drone showcase & workshop by DroneClub
  • - Carnival games.... and more!

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Antara aktiviti menarik seperti:

  • - Bazar jenama tempatan dan Propagandafest
  • - Aneka hidangan dari Food Truck Malaysia
  • - Cabaran FIFA PS4
  • - Bazar MyDigi khas dari Digi
  • - Permainan melantun bola
  • - Cabaran Shootout Penalti
  • - Pameran drone dan bengkel oleh DroneClub
  • - Permainan karnival .... dan banyak lagi!

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