Sarawak 2019: Double Trouble

The Sarawak leg of Raja Futsal 2019 was a day of intense matches. Many teams battled it out in back-to-back matches for their chance to win RM100,000. While the heavy rain during the day threatened to flood the stadium, nothing stopped the players from giving it their all.

The Sarawak leg of Raja Futsal was concluded when KTT FT SR and JR claimed the title of champions and runner-ups respectively. A match between “siblings” was concluded when the seniors scored a last-minute goal, ending the match with a 1-0 score tally.

Raja Futsal Sarawak 2019 Male Category Champions KTT FT SNR (Right) with Runner-Ups KTT FT JR (Left)

Faizal, team captain to KTT FT SNR shared in an interview that they were thrilled that they had qualified for the grand finals and equally as shocked that they managed to get this far. Representing Sarawak in the grand finals was the main dream of their team. The dedication and excitement in their eyes could definitely be seen even after a long day.

Raja Futsal Sarawak 2019 Female Category Champions: Tidal Bored

Female category champions, Tidal Bored and runner-ups Emmanuel United FC had a very intense game. Each team kept scoring against the other. The match was concluded with a very close final score of 3-2. 

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