Raja Futsal 2019 has crowned their new winner! The new kings of Futsal, Tot United C!


The team fought a long and intense match against Dani FC and came out victorious! Claiming the grand prize of RM100,000 along with the title of Raja Futsal 2019.

Raja Futsal 2019 Champions: Tot United FC

Sheqal bin Salim, team captain to Tot United C, the grand champions, shared that they were really in disbelief and excitement that their team had won. “We want to thank God for the luck. We as one team really pushed hard all the way and that makes this victory very big for us,” said Sheqal. His team also added that while the competition this year was much tougher, they were glad that their training paid off.


Aside from the crowning of new kings of futsal, here’s what happened!


This year, we watched as teams from across Malaysia battled it out for a chance to claim the title of Raja Futsal 2019 along with the grand prize of RM100,000. 


After facing off against many others, only 24 teams earned the chance to battle it out in the Grand Finals at the Panasonic National Sports Complex, Shah Alam on 30 November 2019.


The Grand Finals was nothing short of thrills. Participants and spectators were surprised with performances by Zizi Kirana and Sham Visa. They also enjoyed an exhibition match between Superlawak FC and ex-football players of Malaysia like Azman Adnan and Mubin Mokhtar


Big and familiar names like Mozai FT and Sri Aman also returned to the futsal court this year. Many other newer contenders also managed to battle their way through the competition at the regional stages.


After a day filled with action and matches, we saw familiar names like Mozai FT lose to the fate of chance and we watched last year’s underdogs, Tot United, progress to the finals.

A big congratulations to the winners and all teams who participated

Raja Futsal 2019 Champions: Tot United FC

Raja Futsal 2019 Runner Up: Dani FC

Raja Futsal 2019 3rd Runner Ups: Ale-Ale FT

Raja Futsal 2019 3rd Runner Ups: Era Vengers