Double the Intensity at Northern region

We are halfway through the qualifying rounds! As Raja Futsal progresses through each region, the games intensify and everyone starts to show their dedication and drive in fighting to earn the title of Raja Futsal 2019. Teams that traveled all around from Malaysia to play at Kedah really brought their A-games along as many teams from across Malaysia showed up and played across two days.

Day One

Raja Futsal Northern Region Day One

The first day in Kedah kickstarted with countless teams battling it out in what seemed to be back-to-back matches which surely proved to be a challenge for all. After a long day, we concluded Raja Futsal Northern Region Day 1 by crowning SS Tatico Five as the champions of the day.

Raja Futsal Northern Region 2019 Day 1 Champions: SS Tatico Five

Abdul Fakhrul Akram, team captain to SS Tatico Five mentioned that their victory today was unexpected as many strong teams had come to play. He shared that with only a weeks worth of preparation, they really did not expect the outcome. In preparation for the finals, all he would share is that they would put in 200% effort into their training.

Day Two

Raja Futsal Kedah Day two

In day two of Raja Futsal in the Northern Region, we watched as even more teams teams show up and on this day, Raja Futsal Kedah 2019 crowned their second champions, ZM FT (Female team) and MYG FC (Male team).

Raja Futsal Northern Region 2019 Day Two Champions (right) MYG FC with Runner Ups LUPK TOT FC (left).

“Thank you to Digi for organizing Raja Futsal” said Mohd Redzuan, team captain of MYG FC in an interview. The team also expressed their joy and excitement to have claimed the title of northern region’s champions this year and will try their best for the title of grand champions in Kuala Lumpur. In preparation for the finals, they will mix up their routine and definitely intensify it. The team also congratulates everyone on a good game and hopes to play against them in future.

Raja Futsal Northern Region 2019 Female Champions ZM FT (Right) with runner-ups Sanjos FT (left)

It was clear to see that the players of ZM FT clear expressed their disbelief that they managed to claim the title of champions for the northern leg. Also seen in the picture is the great sportsmanship of not just both champions and runner-ups but all other teams who played today.

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