East Coast 2019: Reigning Champions Mozai FT takes First Place!

Despite the scorching heat of the day and haze, many teams gathered to battle it out at Raja Futsal. All in hopes of getting themselves closer to the grand prize of RM100,000.

Mozai FT – Raja Futsal 2019 Pahang Male Team Champions

Mozai FT, champions of Raja Futsal 2018, proved that they were the team to beat yet again. They stood tall and proud as they reclaimed the title of state qualifier champions for Pahang. 

When interviewed, they expressed excitement through shouts of joy. They also jokingly mentioned that while age was not on their side, they were glad that luck was on their side. They also shared that they would not slack in their training until they successfully claim the title of champions for a second time.

It was also a day to remember as Raja Futsal crowned their first female champion team at the regional level. Killa FT stood proud and filled with joy as their claimed the title as champions as the regional female champions for themselves. The team was ecstatic and in disbelief that they had gone so far.

Killa FT – Raja Futsal 2019 Pahang Female Team Champions

In an interview with Killa FT, the team shared their two secrets to success. The first being that each and every player of the team must have a strong and mutual trust for one another. The second secret was that, even when the going gets tough, you need to keep pushing and encouraging one another. At the end of the interview, the team exclaimed how excited they were. Excited when they found out that Raja Futsal had been open up to female teams and encourage other females to participate in future and show their potentials.

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