Terengganu 2018

Raja Futsal stops by Terengganu and this time around, saw an obviously local team Keropok Dungun made a valiant effort before losing 1-0 to M7 All-Star Sabah in a boiling hot affair in the final match.

37 futsal teams registered for this leg, which took place in ASC Arena Sports Centre, Kota Terengganu.

As early favourites, Keropok Dungun won the home crowd’s attention with their proactive style of play, pressing opposition players and forcing them to make mistakes. This was evident in their semi-final match against MP FC, where they managed to trounce the opposing team 3 goals to nothing. With each victory, they won more and more crowd support. This, coupled with their performance throughout made this team the clear favourites to walk away from this Raja Futsal leg as champions.

Keropok Dungun‘s momentum was put to a screeching halt by M7 All-Star Sabah, when a spirited performance from this team ensured all but victory in their hands, and saw this Sabahan imports crowned champions in this Raja Futsal leg.

Keropok Dungun will get another change to exact revenge against their rivals, and make Terengganu proud in the upcoming Grand Finals.

En route to the final match, M7 All-Star Sabah had to oversome KKRTWT (B) 3-2 in an unexpected thriller of a bout.

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Champion : M7 ALL STAR SABAH