Sarawak 2018

This time around, Raja Futsal stops by the Land of the Hornbills and saw ZYZ FC (A) beat MYG to the punch, by beating them 3 goals to 2 in an epic penalty shootout, after both teams failed to break a 1-1 deadlock in the final match.

35 teams registered for this leg, which took place in Arena Sukan, Kuching, Sarawak.

ZYZ FC (A), the hometown favourite did not manage to break a lot of sweat in the early goings of this leg, which saw them move past the qualifying rounds with ease. This did not change in the Semi-Finals, when Lagendary’s, another local team did not manage to muster a strong enough challenge and ended up losing the match 3-0.

Their dominance was only tested in the Final when ZYZ FC (A) had to go past MYG, another strong contender in this leg. MYG even managed to give ZYZ FC (A) a bit of a scare by scoring the first goal in the final match. However, ZYZ FC (A) finally equalised with a thunderous shot past the goalkeeper to ensure the match dragged on to a penalty shoot-out.

MYG eventually succumbed to fatigue, and ultimately were unable to sustain a challenge and lost 3-2 in the ensuing shoot-out.

As fellow finalists, MYG, managed to defeat KBU FC 4-2 in a goal fest of a semi-final match, and won the crowd over with both teams played an aggressive, take-no-prisoners style of attacking pressure.

With this leg over, ZYZ FC (A) and MYG secured their place in the Grand Final where they are in the running to win the Grand Prize of RM100,000.

If you want a piece of action and be crowned as Malaysia’s reigning king of futsal, what are you waiting for? Tunjukkanlah taringmu!


Champion : ZYZ FC (A)
Finalist : MYG