Perlis 2018

Perlis, Malaysia’s northern-most state laid witness to the coronation of a new Raja Futsal state qualifier champion in ZM FT (B) (Perlis).Their players’ slick passes and fluid progression of movement ensured no other team were able to deny ZM FT (B) (Perlis) their rightful passage to the throne.

By winning the Perlis state qualifiers, ZM FT also became the first to send more than one team in different states to the Grand Finals. This does not mean their road to dominance was not paved with difficulties though, as Tandop Bersatu (B) and A.A. FC threatened to stop this local ZM FT team at their tracks in the Semi Final and Final repsectively.

This iteration of Perlis’ Raja Futsal state qualifier took place in D’Futsal Centre, Kangar. 45 local teams entered, all aspiring to represent Perlis in the Grand Final, and be in the running to be crowned kings.

ZM FT (B) (Perlis) took and arduous journey to place their stake in the Raja Futsal succession, however. Their cautious style of play ultimately gave them what was needed, which saw them eke their way out of the qualifying rounds.

In the semi-finals, ZM FT (B) (Perlis) managed to beat Tandop Bersatu (B) 2-1 in a nail-biting encounter. They used everything they have left in their tanks to see A.A. FC with another close match in the Final, which they won 1-0.

Prior to their Finals loss to ZM FT (B) (Perlis), A.A. FC scored one goal against KSMR Sukee (B) in the Semi-Final and shut out the opposing team’s attack in a narrow 1-0 win.

The outcome of this leg of Raja Futsal sees ZM FT (B) (Perlis) and A.A. FC qualify to the Grand Final, and possibly walk away with the grand prize of RM100,000 should they manage to beat everyone else in the process.

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Champion : ZM FT (B)
Finalist : AA FC