Perak 2018

Hyper Rich saw an opportunity to make it big in Perak’s Raja Futsal state qualifier, seized said opportunity, and when the dust settled they successfully walked away from Ipozo Futsal Centre one step closer to winning the Grand Prize of RM100,000.

Raja Futsal’s journey to seek and crown Malaysia’s first champions and king among futsal players continue in Perak, where 71 teams from Perak and other neighbouring states put their skills to the test, and in some instances try their luck as well.

This state qualifier began with scorching heat but ended in heavy rain over Ipoh, as if to bless Hyper Rich and Sri Iqra, the two finalists in their Final match. Thr final match was a close affair, with Hyper Rich narrowly winning 1-0 over Sri Iqra.

Hyper Rich‘s players took advantage of their size and dictated their games with unchallenged physicality. This strategy bode well in the qualifying rounds, but they also had to discover the golden touch necessary to carry themselves through the knockout stages.

In the semi-finals, Hyper Rich beat ZM FT (F) 3-1, in which they scored two quick goals in succession and spent the remaining time defending deep and patiently won the ball with their physical play before executing counter-attacking opportunities. This style of play was also successful in the Final against Sri Iqra.

Sri Iqra‘s journey to the Final was no less interesting, with them dominating the qualifying rounds. Their semi-final match against Raja Selatan was a clear crowd favourite, as this match went down to the wire in an extended round of penalties.

As finalists, Hyper Rich and Sri Iqra qualify to the Grand Final, which will take place in Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam. Should Hyper Rich refine and build upon their current style of play, they are surely going to be favourites to win the Grand Prize of RM100,000.

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Champion : HYPER RICH
Finalist : SRI IQRA FT