Pahang 2018

Hometown advantage is something that should never be dismissed nor underestimated as Mozai FT, Raja Futsal’s Pahang state qualifier champions ultimately proved in what was undeniably tense tournament. Despite looking shaky at times, especially in the face of more established opponents such as ZM FT (Pahang), local fans never wavered in their chants, and their support helped give their hometown favourite the second wind to see themselves through.

As with other qualifiers held in Malaysia’s East Coast, the venue, Ferro Futsal Kuantan at times threatened to use the scorching Sunday heat to beat all the participating teams into early submission. This did not deter 65 teams from all over Peninsular Malaysia to take part and stake their claim at the Grand Prize of RM100,000.

Prior to becoming Pahang state qualifier champions, Mozai FT had to earn their tag as hometown favourites by beating a few local rivals in the qualifying rounds. Their players gained more and more confidence and swagger with each passing game, and by the time they beat Bujin L FC three goals to nothing in the Semi-Finals, they were noticeably smiling their way to the final match.

ZM FT (Pahang) on the other hand, knew they had to do whatever it took to become champions. Their brand of futsal, while passionate, at times felt like the netting surrounding the futsal fields were put up to contain them instead of the occasional wayward ball. However, ZM FT (Pahang) almost came undone to Kuantan Rangers, before securing their place in the Grand Finals with a hard-earned goal, winning their match 1-0.

In the Final, Mozai FT and ZM FT (Pahang) played valiantly, and at times looked like it was about to be settled in penalties. In the dying seconds of the match Mozai FT scored the winning goal, and that was all the wrote.

This leg of Raja Futsal ends with Mozai FT and ZM FT (Pahang) advancing to the Grand Final, and stand a chance to win RM100,000 as the inaugural Raja Futsal.

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Champion : MOZAI FT
Finalist : ZM FT