Kelantan 2018

In an interesting development, Raja Futsal’s leg in KB Futsal Arena, Kota Bharu, Kelantan witnessed an audacious victory by Jati Mas (A) as this team from Kedah managed to beat both representatives from the actual futsal arena where this tournament took place.

Before they were crowned champions of this leg, Jati Mas (A) had two defeat KB Futsal Arena (A) and KB Futsal Arena (B) in two separate 1-0 thrillers.

This particular leg saw 47 pasukan futsal representing various cities, companies and states as these teams travel to try their luck in Kelantan Darul Naim.

KB Futsal Arena (A) were the obvious early fan favourites, as they utilised their home court advantage and won over the home crowd with a very enthusiastic style of play. This carried on throughout the knockoff stages, where they dispensed of their opponents with brimming smiles and a wink in their eyes. This was put to a grinding halt, however, as they were issued a late challenge by Orbit KFK (A) di the semi-final round. KB Futsal Arena (A) eventually managed to scrape through this match by winning 1-0.

Jati Mas (A), on the other hand, had to endure a tough early knockoff round. They had to resort to adopting a more patient approach in order to neutralise the home court advantage. This gave dividends especially in the semi-final match, when they were able to score an early goal against KB Futsal Arena (B). Their prioritisation of playing the game from a strong defensive base saw them overcome their more attack-oriented opponents, drain the opposing teams’ energy levels and finally win the tournament by attrition.

With this leg in Kelantan over, Jati Mas (A) and KB Futsal Arena (A)were able to book a place for themselves in the Grand Final, where they will take their chance to be crowned futsal kings of Malaysia and walk away with RM100,000.

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Champion : JATI MAS (A)
Finalist : KB FUTSAL ARENA (A)